A Better Approach

a new view of mergers & acquisitions

Most M&A is like gambling

Gamblers Odds

Many organizations attempting M&As are statistically more likely to reduce their Enterprise Value. 83% of M&A activity does not boost Shareholder value .... only 17 percent produced a “WIN”.
And yes ... only 17 percent of casino gamblers are winners.

More M&A Deals

Management, Shareholders and Professional Advisory firms know that to snowball, you need to be able to acquire other enterprises. It would seem this attitude has been translated into ever-increasing M&A deals.
But just increasing the deal flow has not improved the odds or likely outcomes.

A New Approach

Organic growth is less risky as it builds on the existing knowledge base, core competencies and can be funded using internal resources while growing at a slower rate rather than rapid growth via M&A. The business can adapt and develop the teams and systems needed to manage the brand, market, product, distribution and culture of the company.

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