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Navigating the Impact of Gifting $2 Million: Estate Planning Considerations


This article explores the estate planning implications of a father gifting $2 million to his children in Australia. It highlights the potential risks, tax implications, and considerations related to aged care and government benefits. By understanding these factors, individuals can make informed decisions and develop a comprehensive estate plan.


In this scenario, the father intends to gift $2 million to his children. It is important to analyze the potential consequences and evaluate strategies to mitigate risks and maximize the benefits of this gift.

Estate Planning Scenarios:

1. Testamentary Trusts: Consider establishing a testamentary trust to protect the gifted assets from potential divorce settlements and creditors. This can provide ongoing control and management of the assets while ensuring their intended use for the benefit of the children.

2. Tax Planning: Engage with a tax professional to assess the potential tax implications of gifting $2 million. Strategies such as utilizing the annual gifting exemption, structuring the gift as a loan, or considering the Small Business CGT Concessions may help minimize the tax burden.

3. Aged Care Considerations: Gifting assets can impact eligibility for aged care services and government benefits. It is essential to understand the implications and explore alternative options, such as structuring the gift as a loan or considering other asset protection strategies.

Estate Plan Considerations: Impact on Aged Pension Eligibility

One important consideration when gifting $2 million is the potential impact on the father’s eligibility for an aged pension. The Australian government provides a part or full aged pension to individuals who meet certain criteria. However, gifting a significant amount of assets can affect pension entitlements.

Income Test and Asset Test:

To qualify for an aged pension, individuals must complete both an income test and an asset test. These tests determine the level of pension benefit a person is entitled to receive.

1. Income Test: The income test assesses the individual’s assessable income, which includes income from various sources such as employment, investments, and superannuation. Gifting a substantial amount may reduce assessable income, potentially increasing pension eligibility.

2. Asset Test: The asset test considers the value of an individual’s assets, including cash, investments, real estate, and personal belongings. Gifting $2 million will likely reduce the father’s assessable assets, which can have a significant impact on pension eligibility.

Impact on Aged Pension Entitlement:

It is important to note that Centrelink, the government agency responsible for administering pensions, has specific rules and regulations regarding gifting and its impact on pension entitlements. While organizing affairs to obtain pension entitlements is allowed, it must be done in accordance with Centrelink’s prescribed guidelines.

1. Gifting Rules: Centrelink imposes a gifting limit, which is the maximum amount an individual can gift without affecting their pension entitlements. As of 2023, the annual gifting limit is $10,000, with a maximum of $30,000 over a rolling five-year period. Gifting beyond these limits may result in a reduction or loss of pension benefits.

2. Deprivation of Assets: Centrelink also considers whether the gift was made to intentionally deprive oneself of assets for the purpose of obtaining or increasing pension entitlements. If it is determined that the gift was made with this intention, Centrelink may still include the gifted amount in the asset test.

Seeking Professional Advice:

Given the complexity of aged pension eligibility and the potential impact of gifting on pension entitlements, it is crucial to seek professional advice from a financial planner or aged care specialist. They can provide personalized guidance and assist in developing a comprehensive estate plan that considers the father’s specific circumstances and goals.

Financial Performance Analysis:

Evaluate the financial impact of gifting $2 million on the father’s overall estate. Assess the potential reduction in assets and consider how it may affect the father’s financial security and retirement plans.

Valuation Analysis:

Obtain a professional valuation of the assets being gifted to ensure an accurate assessment for tax and financial planning purposes. This will help establish a fair market value and facilitate appropriate documentation.


Based on the analysis, it is recommended that the father consult with an experienced estate planner or lawyer specializing in Australian estate planning. They can provide personalized advice tailored to the specific circumstances, ensuring the gift aligns with the father’s overall estate plan and addresses potential risks and implications.


This article provides general information and should not be considered legal or financial advice. It is recommended to consult with a qualified professional to address specific concerns and develop a tailored estate plan.