If you believe that creating a new financial life for yourself and your family is hard, think again.  Every tradesman needs tools to do the job properly.  Join us to easily gain the financial knowledge and skills to smoothly move from grey days to sunshine in your life.


Where did things go wrong?

  • Payday poverty
  • Business collapse
  • Divorce

They affect everyone … but it’s particularly hard for women and children.

Programs offered by financial institutions and employers have failed to address the basic problems.

  • Disadvantage suffered by women with regard to financial literacy.
  • Lack of empowerment within a family when financial decisions are being made that also materially affect the Woman or younger siblings and elders.
  • The failure of professionals to fully recognise these disadvantages when their collective clients are interviewed otr part of any financially based recommendation.


Build your strength with financial wellness one step at a time

  • Education online courses and Seminars
  • App based wellness systems to encourage and support Financial Wellness
  • Access to free online downloadable books on financial wellness

There are solutions

You can enjoy our programs of financial literacy and discover the wonderful feelings of financial wellness.

Accreditation Program for Professionals